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Our Company

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Our Factory

Our factory is based in china, ​but we also have another headquarters in Tel Aviv!

We have the most advanced and unique automatic vending machines in the world.

From Pizza Machine to Cotton Candy and Coffe/Tea Vending Machine.

All of our Vending Machines, have certifications in several countries! And you can easily import our machines to your country!

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Producing & Assembling

In China, when someone is developing a unique product, within a few months ​there will be popping up another 10 factories that produce your own product! 

The main problem with it is that those factories are not the original ones, and they don't know exactly how the original product works. Which can create a lot of bureaucracy when you want to import it into your country.

In our company, we always make sure to produce unique, original, and verified products. All of our products, have multiple certifications in several countries, which means you can easily import our product to almost every country in the world!

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