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The Cotton Candy Vending Machine That Created Huge Queues In Shopping Centers

Updated: Feb 28

Cotton candy in 3D printing: the machine that created huge queues in shopping centers around the world, so a heart, a flower, or a rainbow - how do you prefer your grandmother's hair?

Red Head Kid With Cotton Candy From AFM Cotton Candy Vending Machine In Israel

Cotton candy in 3D printing

Without human touch, with strawberry, grape, vanilla, or melon flavor, and in different shapes to choose from, get the 'sweet cotton candy ' - the nostalgic childhood candy, in the 2022 version.

Instead of a hawker at the fair, the cotton candy will be prepared for you by a fully automated intelligence, instead of a pink or white cloud you will receive models of flowers, hearts, or a rainbow. In Russia and Thailand, huge queues were observed around the smart machine that captivates adults and young alike, so where can you find it? How much would you pay for the hi-tech version of the cotton candy vending machine that makes the nostalgic candy?

How long will you wait for the cotton candy options - the sweet cotton wool, in a high-tech version that is printed without human contact 100% according to the machine? For consumers in shopping centers in Thailand and Russia, the answer was a few long minutes, when the line in front of the vending machine: printing a personal cotton candy design, reached hundreds. Everyone wanted to see the fascinating creation of a familiar candy, with completely new flavors and appearance.

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